Artificial turf pertains to a material installed on a?surface for the purpose of?imitating?grass. It is usually used in fields where it is difficult to grow?grass or in areas?where it simply can’t. Artificial grass is primarily used in athletics clubs and arenas, but it?can be installed?in playgrounds and similar?areas as well. 

Artificial turf was produced in the 1960s. It is manufactured using procedures comparable to those used by?the carpet industry. Artificial turfs have?been enhanced since then with new designs?and the use of?better materials. Chemically, the newest artificial?turfs?were treated to resist?ultraviolet rays. Its materials were also?improved to become?more resistant to wear and tear, be?less abrasive, and look?more like?natural grass. That’s the reason why there are artificial soccer turfs all over the US now. 

How to Make Artificial Soccer Turf 

The use of high-quality raw?materials is essential for artificial?turf to work?efficiently. For the back-up fabric, nearly anything used for?carpets was used for artificial turf as well, such as?jute,?plastic, and?polyester. Top-quality artificial turfs?have?polyester tire cable to support it. 

The fibers of the turf?create the grass blades. These are made of polypropylene or nylon that is manufactured in various ways. The nylon strands are?manufactured in slender sheets and then?sliced into strips. Sometimes, they’re?extruded through the?molds to generate oval or?round cross-section polymers fibers. As a?result,?the extruded leaves make?it behave, smell, and feel more like biological grass. 

The cushioning devices are produced from?either rubber or polyester foam compounds. Rubber tires may also be?used in the foundation of the?structure. Some of the backing?components may come?from recycled?rubber or?plastic. The threads that are?used to mesh?the pads to each other should be of the same strength,?color orientation,?and durability criteria like?the rest. It is also necessary to apply extra?care and knowledge to the choice of adhesives that will be?used to bind all the?parts together. 

Artificial Turf Used on Soccer Fields 

Due to the heavy use of artificial turf in soccer fields, constant scrutiny was?performed to protect professional athletes. All the artificial turfs used for soccer or any other sports have to undergo a series of tests while they’re being developed and when they are?being?installed.  It includes more than two dozen trials for the?turf system to be considered good. 

The turf’s backing?fabric should be thoroughly?evaluated for resistance and strength. The force required to separate individual blades or?turfs is measured as well. Such an experiment estimates the toughness of the adhesive used in the manufacturing process. The fabric is tested by putting?it under an abrasive head that is made out?of spring steel. The turf system’s heat absorbency and how it holds up during a?match is also tested. 

The strict quality control performed on artificial turf for soccer fields make it necessary for a soccer turf construction company to comply with the set standards of the industry. Otherwise, they won’t be able to compete in the market.